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Appellate Practice


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Jeffrey B. Kolb

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J. David Roellgen

KRT’s Appellate practice has extensive experience representing clients in state and federal courts of appeals in Indiana on a broad range of matters, including challenges to the constitutionality of state statutes, criminal appeals (bond reductions, trial/conviction, and sentencing), estate, guardianship, and mental health commitment appeals, and general civil litigation on appeal. KRT has handled numerous state appeals with the Indiana Court of Appeals since as recently as 2015. The Firm has also been before the Seventh Circuit United States Court of Appeals on more than one occasion. But the Firm has been doing appellate work since its inception in 1819.


Because we all a small Firm, our appellate practice easily collaborates with trial counsel within the Firm (our outside the Firm) to draft and perfect critical motions and to identify and preserve appellate issues, if an appeal is being considered in the event of a less than desired ruling from the trial court.

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Charles E. Traylor

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