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Trusts and Estates Aministration


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Jeffrey B. Kolb

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In the administration of trusts and estates, there are often many options that can be considered in transferring assets when the owner dies.  Each option comes with advantages and disadvantages.  The cheapest option may not provide the best protection from creditors of the decedent or the beneficiary.  We will review each option with you advising you on the pros and cons and let you chose how you wish to proceed.

Services Provided

  • Probate Will if necessary

  • Use alternatives to administration like Small Estate Affidavit or family settlement if possible

  • Open Administration if necessary

  • Work with Personal Representative, Trustee or family to gather assets, pay debts and taxes and distribute assets in cheapest and quickest method

  • Obtain Tax Identification Number

  • File IRS Forms

  • Prepare all Tax Returns

  • Close Administration as soon as possible

  • Will and Trust Contests

  • Breach of Fiduciary Duty

Charles E. Traylor

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